This is a Test of This post will be used to test SteemPress for and I will give you some TLOSP if you show up in our Telegram or discord or

Im applying to get a twitter developer account to use this plugin to auto post our steempress wordpress blog posts to twitter! We hope to have a nice easy @steempress solution for so we can auto post to twitter AND steem from wordpress. Then we can use this method for @challengedac and cross posting of challenges from eosio to steem twitter wordpress all at once and we will work on the API bounty soon since we need that but the full picture is forming and Twitter posts automated from steem will help us save time and attract twitter developers (Which are the same as blockchain devs we just all mix our skills together and make a nice pasta ragul pie pizza pie mama mia TELOOOS you do the MOOOOST

If you would like to learn more or get a telos Wallet FREE go here or download Mobile COOLX wallet

Now enjoy this telos rap by @cryptofeez Free 1 TLOSp for Like Tweet Comment and Screenshot

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